Sunday, June 28, 2009

MAXWELL + New Ablum= Blacksummer's night--->Drops July 7th!!!

I'm hyped!!!! Believe it or not, there's still good music out there. I've been a fan of Maxwell since he first came out, and I've been anticipating this, his fourth studio album for a while. My main "groovy man" is realeasing Blacksummer's night on July 7th, and I'm definitely picking this up in person. The cool thing about this release is that they have a Deluxe edition, CD/DVD combo, which has for $11.99; not bad. Although he has a new look to him, since he cut his hair, he's still the same soulful dude from back-in-the-day. There's no Samson curse here. If you're a fan of cool, smooth, sexy, and real baby-making music, you won't go wrong with Mr. Woooooh-whoo! lol.

Here's a little excerpt from his upcoming album. Two songs, "Bad Habits" & "Pretty Wings".

"Bad Habits"

"Pretty Wings"

And here's a little somethin', somethin' from back in the day, a couple of selections that are the reason I call him Mr. Wooooh-whooo! lol.

"This Woman's Work", personally the greatest love song Maxwell has ever done. It's been on so many movie soundtracks, that i've lost count. And let's not even talk about the video...Too soulful... Too Deep...

"Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder): MTV Unplugged". Although I like the studio version better, I love how he jazzed it up a bit for this live performance. Music for the soul man... Music for the soul.

As they say in the business world, "the best salesmen is a satisfied customer".

Blacksummer's Night by Maxwell. In stores July 7th. Go get it!