Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Mr. Thriller. Can't Believe You're Gone.

I heard it once again yesterday morning and I still couldn't believe it..."The king of pop Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50 years." Cause? An apparent heart attack. On my way to work, I saw his blown up picture in the front page of every newspaper, in every language and I still didn't want to accept it. If I'm being honest I still can't believe it. Why is it always the good ones that have to go? Not that I'm wishing for Souljah-Boy-Tell-Em, and Gucci Mane, to be six feet under, but damn, why Mike? Only God knows.

I was at work when I received the first text message with the news. Of course, at first I thought it was a stupid prank, as recent reports mentioned that MJ had undergone several physicals in preparation for his upcoming concert in England, and was found in great health. So I immediately had one of my co-workers investigate. Minutes later, she confirmed the shocking news that Mike, the "KING OF POP", had passed away in a hospital in L.A. due to cardiac complications.
I was awestruck.

According to NPR Music News,, as of yesterday, no final ruling had been reached regarding the autopsy. USmagazine,, mentioned that the autopsy reports revealed "No indication of foul play or trauma". NPR reports that police are currently trying to locate MJ's private physican, who was reportedly living in the rented mansion, and was present at the home during the 911 phone call. According to the 911 phone call recording, the MD was attempting to resuscitate MJ, who was found by an unidentified caller, unresponsive and not breathing. As of Friday, the MD which is not a suspect in this case, had not been located, and his car was impounded and hauled away from MJ's home.

As the true cause of MJ's death remains unclear, there are rumors that his aggressive addiction to pain killers, could be a related cause. One of MJ's longtime friends, and attorney Brian Oxman, said he was worried about the large amount of drugs at Mike's disposal. NPR reports that Oxman said that in 2007 alone, a local pharmacist had sued MJ for prescription bills totaling more than $100,000. Oxman added, "It's pretty hard to spend $100,000 in a pharmacy in 13 months,"... "This was one of his experiences and was a matter of public record and most people were aware of that fact."

At the end, whatever the results show, they still won't be able to replace the icon, and the legend. Everyone loved this man; he was an internationally cherished personality. Yet how will he be remembered? As a legend? An amazing and incomparable artist? The King of Pop? Or as a troubled and lonely individual? To me, he will always be Michael Jackson, The legend, The King of Pop. Want to know something really ironic? As I'm writing this piece, I have my music play-list on shuffle, and one of MJ's songs just came on. Damn...

It's clear that MJ has passed on, but his music will keep him alive in our hearts and minds forever.

Farewell to a legend. RIP MJ. We'll miss you.

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Mr Bru Cru said...

Great post man...although it sucks that it came under those circumstances...I could write for days on this topic, which is why I chose not to write...He will be forever missed.