Sunday, May 24, 2009

Do you have any last parting words?

Funerals. We never like to hear about them, and we never like to attend them either, but as it is with death, the accompanying funeral ceremony, is also inevitable. Now leave it to SNL, the MASTERS of skit comedy, to poke fun at this traditional ceremony. Now, I recall that in many of the funerals I attended, if not all, whenever the priest or pastor would ask for any parting words, only a few family members and friends took a stand in the podium, never going more than a few minutes. Now, what If these same folks, just had too much to say? Check out another awesome and hilarious skit. Too funny.

P.S. I freaking love Will Ferrel lmao!!!


Mr Bru Cru said...

I'm telling you from now the date is May 28th 2009..The day I die..and youre at my funeral, if you let this shit happen, I will haunt you till your death! LOL
OMG that was the most annoyingly funny skit ever son..."Enjoy 2009, because 2010 will be a blood bath of epic proportions" lmao0o0o

JEGZ aka Black Casanova said...

Haaaa! That character w/ the line "Enjoy 2009, becaues 2010 will be a blood bath of epic proportions", along w/ Will, were by far my favorites lmao! Oh, and that guy that made the makeout sound and said "Times Two" lol. I love it!