Sunday, May 17, 2009

SNL: The Barry Gibb Talk Show

For years SNL has entertained us with all their amazing skits, but have you ever wondered what a show hosted by Barry Gibb would be like? I ran into this skit and was practically peeing in my pants. Justin Timberlake continues to show us how gifted he is, and Jimmy Fallen keeps beign that crazy funny dude. I just love how Justin plays Robin Gibb, with his f*$ked up teeth and all, and Jimmy plays Barry, the temperamental lead singer of the 70's disco kings, The Bee Gees. Check out their original pics and the Hilarious skit. Lmao!

Robin Gibb

Barry Gibb

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Mr Bru Cru said...

LOL it was too funny when JT couldnt hold it in son...I wouldve peed my pants.