Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Read: The Double by José Saramago

They say that for every person, there's an identical twin somewhere in the world. But, you've never believed that stuff right? I mean, you've never come across someone who looked just like you right? Or who sounded just like you? Or who walked just like you? Or someone with all of the above, and was also anatomically identical to you in every aspect of the word? Someone who was so freaking identical to you, that a picture ID of them, would be a picture of you, with their name and signature. What would you do if you ran into such a person on your way to work? Would you freak out? Would you make a story of it?

Welcome Mr. Tertuliano Máximo Afonso to the scene. If his name hasn't already attracted you, maybe his story will. The story of a secondary school history teacher, who in efforts to find something entertaining to relieve a possible onset of depression,-which he would never admit-and on the recommendation of a colleague-math teacher-friend, rented what was categorized as an OK comedy, to cheer himself up. However, instead of finding laughter, or even enjoyment in this mediocre film, Tertuliano is stumped when he sees himself playing a short role in the film, the actor an exact replica of himself. The only difference, the man he's now staring at, exactly resembles how Tertuliano himself looked 5 years ago, when he wore a mustache.

Who is this man? How can this be? It can't be possible?

Portuguese author and winner of the nobel prize for literature, José Saramago, entertains us with another master piece, and one of my personal favorites. "The Double", will captivate you from start to finish. Accompany Tertuliano Máximo Afonso, as he transforms himself into a Private Investigator, and begins to decipher clues to meet this man, actor, who's become his personal enigma, and his immediate DOUBLE.

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Mr Bru Cru said...

If I saw someone that looked like me..Id fight him to the death. There can only be one. I swear to god I would not let him live LOL
This sounds intriguing.